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Cambi Is Now The Main Shareholder In Høst


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CAMBI ASA has become the main shareholder in HØST Verdien i Avfall AS by purchasing the shares previously belonging to Aust-Agder Næringsselskap AS and Invest24 AS. Following this transaction, the company is now owned by CAMBI ASA (80%) and Terramarin AS (20%).

Per Lillebø, CEO of CAMBI, points out that CAMBI and Terramarin have cooperated well throughout this process. Terramarin is owned by key employees of HØST.

CAMBI is a world leading supplier of technology for the production of biogas and quality biosolids through thermal hydrolysis as a pretreatment for sewage sludge and other biowastes.

HØST is a market leader in Norway in the production and sales of soil and fertilizers based on biosolids, compost and other inputs.

New biosolids projects require, to an increasing degree, complete solutions, which include both the sludge treatment and the final distribution of the products. This is a good fit for CAMBI and HØST who together can act as a total supplier. This cooperation also allows further development of HØST’s products to meet the demands in the market and the legislation for disposal solutions.

Torleiv Ugland, CEO in HØST, says that this is an exciting development which opens up several new possibilities, especially internationally, where large volumes of waste from large cities need to be handled to solve the environmental challenges we are facing. At the same time we see a development in Norway towards increasing costs for the final use of biosolids, where CAMBI’s technology in combination with HØST’s solutions will start a new era. Biosolids from e.g. wastewater treatment plants will be totally pathogen free after the use of CAMBI’s technology, and any odor problems will be eliminated. Production of quality soil and fertilizer products from wastes will also open the possibility for increased export to markets that need the addition of organic material into their soil.

CAMBI will through this investment contribute to the international development of HØST’s solutions and competence by introduction into markets where CAMBI is already active.

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