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From development to production and sales to service Kummert Inspektionssysteme based in Gerolzhofen – Germany is providing the entire range of compact, highly technological CCTV products with its appropriate software for professional digital pipe surveys.

The product range includes small compact and mobile CCTV systems for digital image capturing of damages as well as highly technical, easy useable complete systems for digital pipe surveys. These offer the possibility to report the damage by images on the one hand and by video on the other. A meter counter displayed on the screen is included in all units of the CamMobile series without additional costs. The user can also put these data into the movie, the damage-images and the report.

The smallest unit is the CamMobile Easy, built for digital picture documentation of damages. The reel is embedded in the main unit, the camera is changeable. To satisfy the different areas of application there are two types of this unit: the 30s set with a 30 m/ 6 mm reel and the K-35, an axial camera with a diameter of 35 mm as well as the CamMobile Easy 50s set with a 50 m/ 7 mm reel and the camera K-50, an axial camera with a diameter of 50 mm. More than 800 images can be stored on a 1 GB memory card, labeled with a certain catalogue of damage and later be transferred to the computer in the office. The image format BMP enables an easy processing of data. The cameras' brightness can be controlled automatically or operated manually via a button on the unit. The meter-count that is standardized for free will be issued both on the screen and on the damage-images.

The big brother, the CamMobile Compact, is providing all the functions of the CamMobile Easy and a bigger flexibility. At this unit not just the cameras but also the reels can be exchanged optionally. As all reels and camera heads of the CamMobile series are compatible to each other, it can be equipped optimally depending on the local requirements. Besides the 30 m and the 50 m reel a 60 m/ 8 mm reel is available too, as well as there are two rotary and pivot cameras, the K-70 and the K-70L besides the axial cameras K-35 and K-50. These can be turned into basic position by one push on a button. If the CamMobile Compact is used together with the camera K-70L the pipe´s dimensions can be measured with just one command. The nominal diameter will be captured exactly by 72 points of a laser. This provides an enormous advantage within sewer renovation. Stop with estimating the nominal diameter and ignoring diameter changes!

The absolute hi-tech unit at last is Kummert´s compact-mobile CCTV inspection system CamMobile Profi II. Besides the documentation with images taking evidence in the first line will be made by video. Even while the inspection data can be captured for the report according to different codes of damage and be stored on a 60 GB hard disc inside the unit. After closing the inspection the data just have to be transferred by 8 GB thumb drive to the computer in the office, the report has to be printed, the video has to be burned and the whole package has to be sent to the customer. The possibility to edit the data afterwards at the PC at the office is given additionally. Because all reels and cameras of the CamMobile series can be combined, all three reels can be mounted onto the unit simultaneously too. The cameras´ exchange happens by easily plugging a push- and pull plug and can be done while operating. This unit also contains the meter counter standardized for free of charge with outputting the data on the screen, the damage-images, the video and the report. Furthermore it offers the possibility to regulate the brightness of the cameras manually or automatically, an automatic self-leveling of the rotary and pivot cameras, a manual and automatic focus and first of all the measuring of diameters in conjunction with the K-70L.

Since the beginning of the year the CamMobile series contains another highlight: The CamMobile Profi-Rack. With this unit tv-inspection vehicles of all manufacturers can be rebuilt cheaply and uncomplicated to state-of-the-art digital documentation. Control-unit, cameras and cables of other manufacturers are totally compatible with the CamMobile Profi-Rack and can be used without any problems. Relating to software the CamMobile Profi-Rack offers all attributes of the CamMobile Profi II, from the documentation of video to the report.

Tube inspectors, -cleaners and –restructuring specialists, civil engineering offices, sewage associations, sewage treatment plants, cities and communes, sanitary-, heating- and climate plumbers as well as a multiplicity of industry branches have used the units of Kummerts CamMobile series for service-, installation- and maintenance jobs as well as for in-production inspections and quality tests.

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