Can a Modified Moth Replace Pesticide? – Store Pesticide in Chemical Storage Tanks



As those working in agriculture, we know that pesticides need to be managed effectively and stored safely and securely. That’s why Enduramaxx supplies agricultural organisations with an array of dedicated storage tanks. We’re not sure that this will put an end to needing pesticides just yet, but in Oxfordshire, scientists have bred a genetically-modified moth that helps to reduce serious pest damage to cabbages, kale and broccoli.

Male diamondback moths with a ‘self limiting gene’ have been engineered to produce female offspring that cannot reproduce, therefore controlling the population. The diamondback moth is one of the world’s worst insect pests, costing farmers billions each year, according to the Oxford Mail.

Tests this summer in the US will include field cage tests, followed by small-scale field releases and tests in greenhouse trials resulted in a crash in the moth population. Therefore, if the results can be replicated in the field, then research company, Oxitec, is one step closer to taking this solution to market. In the meantime though, agriculture will continue to use chemical pesticides that require careful management.

To learn more about storing pesticides, as well as all other agricultural liquids and chemicals, speak to a member of the Enduramaxx team to find a storage tank to exceed your requirements.

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