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Carbolite ABF 8/28: Afterburner Ashing Furnace


The ABF 8/28 is a powerful and extremely robust ashing furnace with an integral afterburner, which offers additional features to those of the standard ashing furnace.

Typical applications include residue analysis, the burning of samples to constant weight and also the recovery of precious metals. As these processes can lead to unpleasant smoke and odour, the ABF 8/28 is fitted with a fan assisted pre-exhaust afterburner to combust the smoke further before exiting the chimney. The afterburner is rated for 40 g carbon per ashing load.

The recycling of valuable materials, such as plastic insulation of cables, paints, polymer-based metal blanks or plastics from PCBs are further applications for the ABF.


  • Maximum operating temperature 800 °C
  • Chamber volume 28l
  • Thermal oxidation up to 950 ° C
  • Heating elements protected by SiC tiles
  • 3216P1 programmer with 8 ramps and 8 dwells
  • ABF can be fitted with an integral scale for gravimetric analysis

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