Carbon emissions reporting software `dramatically simple`


Source: Cintellate

A Perth-based software engineering company, Cintellate, has launched a new reporting software that it says is set to “dramatically simplify carbon emissions reporting against complex legislation landscape across global business community”.

Cintellate was founded in 1994 in Perth, as a software company designed to help large global organisations create long-term shareholder value by managing environment, health, safety and risk processes across diverse industry sectors.

The company specialises in software for the building and construction, resources and mining, oil and gas, heavy manufacturing and utilities and power generation industries.

The new Cintellate Carbon Management Software Solution is a second generation model of the company’s Greenhouse Gas & Emissions Tracking module launched in 2005. The new software builds on the company’s expertise in environmental monitoring, permitting and business planning.

The Carbon Management Software Solution or Module is designed to deliver on the key areas of functionality from energy and emissions data capture and master data management to workflow, reporting, GHG reduction tools, auditing and data security.

Cintellate anticipates the new software to improve emissions reporting efficiencies across diverse industries.

The Carbon Management Software Solution is designed to assist local companies meet the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGER) Act reporting requirements. Under this regulation, companies have until 31 October 2009 to submit their emission report to the Commonwealth Government.

Cintellate’s software is auditable against recognised industry standards and streamlines reporting enterprise-wide, which help fulfils reporting obligations and improves efficiency, the company says.

Cintellate’s managing director Mike Moore said the company initially began developing the software as a direct response to requests from major clients from Australia and USA.

“Overall, there is a general lack of experience and knowledge throughout the industry with regards to emissions reporting, with organisations facing challenging unfamiliar territories and changing legal scenery,” he said.

“Education is critical. The market lacks understanding of why excel is not a sustainable option and how to measure with existing physical parameters.

“As the legislative environment is dynamic, keeping track of what is happening is fundamental to achieving compliance and continual improvement.'

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