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CARBOTRAF – Black Carbon reduction by traffic management


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CARBOTRAF is a Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. Lasting for three years, the project will study the relationship between traffic flow, Black Carbon (BC) emissions and carbon dioxide in urban environments.
The project aims to create a method, system and tools for adaptively influencing traffic flow in real-time to reduce CO2 and BC emissions caused by road transport in urban and inter-urban areas.

The inter-relationships between traffic states and CO2 and BC emissions will be investigated. In particular, a model linking traffic states to emission levels will be established on the basis of existing and new simulation methods and tools.
A decision support system for online prediction of emission levels will use real-time and simulated traffic and air-quality data. Based on the prediction, a low emission traffic scenario will be achieved by imposing ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) measures such as re-routing and adjustment of traffic light sequences.

The two host cities are Glasgow, Scotland and Graz, Austria which were chosen due to their ability to manage traffic flows using ITS which will be enhanced by real-time air quality monitoring systems and a decision support system provided by IBM Inc.

The project will involve international partners from both the academic and industrial sectors. For example, Air Monitors will provide BC monitors, meteorology, mobile air quality and traffic monitoring equipment, and Envirologger (an associate company of Air Monitors) will provide real-time data collection, storage and display technology. Other partners include Imperial College London, the Austrian Institute of Technology, VITO (Belgium), ETS (Belgium), EBE Solutions (Austria) and IBM.

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