Casella HazVac unit ensures rapid safe Hazmat sampling at chemical spills and incidents


Source: Casella

Responding to increased demand for frontline emergency response to civil, terrorist and military-related chemical incidents , Casella CEL, in conjunction with Casella Fire Science, have developed and deployed air sampling units with an internal pump that safely collects grab samples of toxic gases and vapours for rapid chemical analysis.

HazVac , already deployed by many fire services Hazmat teams in the UK, is based on Casella CEL's highly successful Apex personal air sampling pump. A water, dust and gastight sampling system, it ensures no contact is made between the sample and the pump, with air removed from a hermetically sealed case and a sample drawn into a gas bag.

Casella CEL Product Manager Gary Noakes comments: "In these uncertain times, fire and emergency services must, of necessity, have as much equipment as possible at their disposal to deal with unknown chemical-related incidents of all kinds.

"They are turning to the Casella CEL HazVac because, unlike other vacuum samplers that use external pumps, it contains an internal pump that does not come into contact with the vapour or toxin on site, so no decontamination is necessary."

Other important features built into the unit are the single button operation which activates the pump for a set period , pulling the sample through, then automatically powering down, and the outer Peli carry case, constructed of inert resin that enables rapid decontamination by using a shower, hose pipe or physical wipe down.

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