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A record 'Fab Four' combination of new instruments

Casella CEL, the specialist provider of workplace monitoring technologies, launches four new ATEX approved, intrinsically safe (I.S.), portable instruments: the VOC Pro Air Monitor, Apex Personal Sampling Pump, the CEL-300 Noise Dosimeter and the Microdust 880 hand held dust monitor, for monitoring all aspects of occupational and environmental parameters across most industry sectors.

VOC Pro Air Monitor
VOC Pro is a new ATEX & UL certified, hand held, photoionisation monitor that can quickly and accurately detect levels of total VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in potentially explosive atmospheres. The unit will help Occupational Hygienists, Safety and Environmental Managers to monitor levels of VOC's in both indoor and outdoor applications, recording the levels, to check compliance with both COSHH legislation and the Solvents Emission Directive (SED).

With a large, easy to read LCD display, this new hand held meter is simple to use and provides rapid, accurate detection of a wide range of organic compounds. The onboard data logging facility and dedicated download software allow data to be stored for auditing and record keeping purposes.

Apex Personal Sampling Pump
In response to overwhelming customer demand, the new I.S. version of Casella's market leading Apex Personal Sampling Pump range allows employers to undertake personal and area sampling for dusts, fumes, gases, vapours and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This easy to use, versatile and robust range is fully compliant with both UL and ATEX standards - the first UK manufactured personal air sampling pumps to be granted these approvals.

CEL-300 Noise Dosimeter
A new I.S. version of Casella's market leading CEL-320 and CEL-360 series noise dosimeters, allows individuals to carry out personal noise dosimet e ry in potentially explosive atmospheres. Rugged and simple to use, this instrument is compliant with ATEX standards, making it the first UK manufactured noise dosimeter to be granted this approval.

The CEL-300 series of dosimeters has been designed to be intuitive, with all the necessary international noise dose standards built in, so no setup is required. Data from the instruments is easy to download, giving standard noise dose reports and time history data, allowing noise exposure to be pinpointed to specific activities during the day. The CEL-300 series instruments can also be converted into a sound level meter by simply changing the microphone, allowing the unit to be used for general noise surveys within the same hazardous environments. The dosimeters exceed International Standards for acoustic and electro-acoustic test methods and performance requirements.

Microdust 880 Dust Monitor
The Microdust 880 is a hand held real time dust monitor capable of giving instantaneous and time averaged results of aerosol concentrations. An LCD display has been combined with a microprocessor to provide a user friendly interface with clear and versatile presentation of data and menus.

The Microdust 880 represents probably the most versatile real time monitor available with an incredible measurement capability in one compact and easy to use instrument. The unit features calibration for zero and span calibrations ensuring it is easily maintained.

The 'Fab Four'
Tony Myles, Marketing Director for Casella CEL says:
" We have designed these four new I.S products to help employers meet increasing legislative requirements such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) and the Solvents Emissions Regulations 2004. The second reason is due to the many requests we've had from customers who work in potentially hazardous areas who need easy to use instruments to measure noise and air quality. So, we have taken the most popular instruments, famous for their robust design and simple operation and created I.S. versions so that they can be used in flammable environments. " We have designed these four new I.S products to help employers meet increasing legislative requirements. Now employers can comply with COSHH and the SED even in the most demanding hazardous environments.
"Because our new products meet so many needs, from legislation through to being user friendly in hazardous areas, we've coined them the 'Fab Four' as they will be music to the ears of many employers looking to meet their regulatory duties in a simple, easy to use and cost efficient way. This wide range of products also allows us to enter into an even wider arena of air and noise monitoring scenarios."

For further information contact Casella CEL on tel: 01234 844100, e-mail: or visit:

VOC Pro key features include:

•  VOC Pro complies with North America (UL: Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D) and Europe (ATEX EEx ib IIC T4 II 2 G ) standards, deeming it acceptable for use in potentially explosive environments
•  VOC Pro detects VOCs from a range of 0.1 to 2,000 ppm (parts per million), extendible to 20,000 ppm with a dilution probe
•  It uses a 10.6eV lamp as standard, with an optional 11.7eV version for ionising chlorinated compounds
•  Datalogger memory: 15,000 data points
•  Operating temperature range: 32 º F to 105 º F (0 º C to 40 º C)
•  Operating humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity (non condensing)
•  Response time: Less than 3 seconds
•  Accuracy: ± 10% or ± 2ppm, whichever is greater
•  Battery capacity: 8 hours
•  Detectable compounds include:
- Aromatics - Benzene, Toluene, Naphthalene
- Unsaturated Hydrocarbons - Acetylene, Ethylene, 1,3-Butadiene
- Chlorinated Hydrocarbons - Vinyl chloride, Chloroform, Trichloroethylene, Methylene chloride
- Ketones - Acetone, Methyl ethylketone, Methyl isobutylketone
- Alcohols - Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropanol, n-Butanol
- Organic Fuels - Gasoline and jet fuels

Health & Safety Monitoring
COSHH & OSHA Compliance
Ambient Air Monitoring
Boundary & Fenceline Monitoring
Forensic investigations
Contaminated Land Surveys
Emergency & Incidence Response
Anaesthetic Gas Surveys
Chemical Storage & Transportation

Apex Standard I.S and the Programmable (Pro) I.S. version key features include:

•  As well as holding UL and ATEX approvals, all models comply with EN 1232, MDHS 14/3 and NIOSH 0600 and are accompanied by a full range of sampling accessories
•  Outstanding 20 hour run time at 2 Litres per minute (charging batteries for 1.5 hours provides 8 hours of operation and a full charge takes less than 4.5 hours)
•  Extensive flow range from 5ml to 4 Litres per minute
•  Operators can undertake both high flow sampling through filters, and low flow sampling via tubes for solvent sampling applications; catering for all gas, vapour and dust sampling scenarios
•  Digital flow control technology gives accurate readings of <+/-3%, allowing up to one month between calibrations and long term stability
•  A gas bag “grab” sampling option is also available, ideal for boundary sampling
•  A large LCD displays real time flow rate, volume and temperature, ideal for record keeping
•  A data logging version (Pro) is available with infrared downloading, where audible visual alarms are recorded

Occupational health & safety monitoring - particulates in the breathing zone

Microdust 880 key features include:

•  Rechargable batteries
•  An incredible measurement capability up to 2500 mgm-3
•  Comprehensive data-logger
•  Detachable probe for identification of problem areas
•  Options for TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or ISO respirable measurement
•  Calibration and zeroing equipment provided
•  ATEX approved

Occupational health & safety monitoring
Walk through surveys
Site boundary monitoring & environmental measurement
Industrial process monitoring
Testing respiratory equipment or air filtration efficiency
Research activities

CEL-300 Series Noise Dosimeter Key Features Include:

•  Dual Functionality, can be used as a sound level meter or a dosimeter
•  Pre-configured setups with international noise at work standards built in
•  Easy to use, no training required
•  Compact and lightweight
•  Rugged design
•  Lockable keypad to prevent tampering
•  Comprehensive software for reports and analysis
•  Long battery life
•  ATEX approved

Personal noise dosimetry
Noise exposure measurement
General noise surveys
Selection of hearing protection

CASELLA CEL LTD , Bedford, Regent House, Wolseley Road, Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK42 7JY, Tel: +44 (0)1234 844100, Fax: +44 (0)1234 841490, e-mail:, Web site:, Marketing Coordinator: Rebecca Williams, Sales and Marketing Director: Tony Myles

The Casella Group has been in operation for more than 200 years and currently comprises of 17 companies with over 620 staff operating from 22 UK offices. In addition, the Group has staff operating from offices in Bahrain, Nigeria, Spain and the USA and maintains a distributor network in over 60 countries worldwide.

The Casella Group consists of the following sub-divisions:

•  Casella CEL - specialist providers of workplace monitoring technologies including noise, dust, gas and indoor air quality
•  Casella ETi - specialist providers of natural environment monitoring technologies including ambient gas, dust, noise, and meteorological systems
•  Casella Spain – sales and service for CEL and ETi
•  Casella USA – sales and service for CEL
•  Casella Stanger - full range natural environment consultancy services
•  Casella Winton - workplace environment services including indoor air quality, water hygiene, occupational hygiene, health & safety, asbestos & fire science & investigation
•  Casella Hazmat - asbestos management and testing
•  Casella Training - providers of in-house health, safety & environmental training as well as their new e-learning training package
•  Casella CRE - provides technical assistance for process-related problems and analytical laboratory services
•  Casella International - takes all the above services and promotes them internationally

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