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Catalytic Hard Water Scale Prevention System Successfully Tested Under US Government Green Proving Ground Scheme


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The US Government's GSA takes products that it believes could be environmentally useful for its estate of buildings and tests them scaling Caused by hard water is a big problem worldwide.

For 18 Months The  General Services Administration , responsible for many public buildings in the US,  tested a catalytic hard water scale preventer  under the supervision  of  Oak Ridge National Laboratories. They have just published the results.

A courthouse in Salt Lake City suffered from serious scaling in its water heater resulting in the need to regularly replace heating elements every 6 weeks and  in addition  scale build up on the elements was so bad the heater could not be switched off at weekends because it took so long for water to heat up on Mondays

So called physical water treatment devices have caused a lot of controversy over the years and independent tests of them are very rare.  

What this test showed was that after the catalytic treatment device was installed instead of electric heating elements being exchanged every six weeks they lasted 18 months without needing changing and the elements even then showed no sign of significant scale build up. As there was no scaling on the elements power to the boilers could now  be switched off on Fridays and back on Mondays because  the water was now able to rapidly heat as there   there was no scale on the elements.

The scale preventer was simply plumbed into the feed water pipe leading to the boiler and  needed no power supply. Its effect was to reduce running costs and save energy as well as having the environmental benefit of zero discharge of chemicals.  Payback was very rapid.

Further details on the tests can be found on the Green Proving Ground Website


Fluid Dynamics International is the world's oldest manufacturer of Catalytic scale preventers and it supplied  the catalytic scale prevention  units used in these tests

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