CAVIA – profit from sludge


Source: Dewaco Ltd

A combination of in-depth technical knowledge and widespread process experience, has kept Dewaco at the forefront of waste water and sludge handling technologies for more than two decades.

Renowned for its high quality and performance, the DEWA range of equipment and solutions has been specifically designed to serve the sludge handling needs of municipal and industrial customers around the world.

The range includes a variety of belt thickeners, belt filter presses and chain and flight type sludge and scum collector equipment.

The new CAVIA products are easily integrated into existing systems enabling continuity for customers. Minimal operational and maintenance costs, and comprehensive maintenance and support services, provide significant economical advantages and ensure long-term reliability.

Unlock the potential for greater profit

New techniques are constantly being added to waste water treatment processes to boost profit and to meet the high standards of environmental regulations.

Thanks to the recent merger between Dewaco’s and Cavia’s business operations, one such technique – cavitations technology – is now an integral component of the sophisticated Dewaco product portfolio.

CAVIA cavitations technology plays a vital role in the sludge handling process. It paves the way for greater sludge economy, unlocks the potential for enhanced profit and ensures compliance with everincreasing environmental regulations.

Economical, ecological sludge handling CAVIA facilitates the utilisation of valuable materials and energy from sludge. During the sludge handling process, CAVIA generates an improved biogas yield of up to 40%. This increased source of free, renewable energy, that can be used on-site or re-sold to the grid, has a major impact on net profit and an equally significant effect on reduced emissions.

Another noticeable benefit of cavitations technology is the effect it has on dewatering efficiency. CAVIA improves dewatering efficiency to the extent that less energy and chemicals are consumed during the sludge handling process. With increased biogasification, the sludge quantity reduces by approximately 25%. With less sludge, customers can enjoy significant savings in disposal costs and help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Dewaco’s team of highly qualified engineers, experienced specialists and skilled technicians tailor cavitations technology systems to individual customers’ needs. For a low initial outlay, CAVIA increases output and reduces total operational costs leading to an optimised return on investment.

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