CBM Discharge Clean Water Act Purification

U.S. Patented, Proven Dissolved Barium CWA Compliance Remediation

Announcing the expanding application of a new U.S. Patented, cost-effective coal-bed methane (CBM) produced water discharge purification process applying CleanSweepBarium™ compliance technology for dependable CBM produced discharge purification from THUNDER BASIN Environmental Consulting, Inc. for Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act compliance drinking water protection.

CleanSweepBarium™ provides automated, continuous, cost-effective compliance purification of coal-gas recovery discharge (produced water) for protection of energy-operators expense budgets and drinking water sources.  The U.S. Patented CleanSweepBarium™ purification process from THUNDER BASIN Environmental Consulting, Inc. (TBEC) provides cost-effective coal-bed methane (CBM) discharge purification using a proven, fully automated Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act compliance process for consistent drinking water source protection.

Digital images of operating CleanSweepBarium™ purification stations are featured at www.TBEConline.com where produced groundwater discharge generated by 130 CBM wells in the Powder River Basin of NE Wyoming. Is cost-effectively purified.   Dissolved Barium concentrations of 3,500ug/L

are quantifiably reduced to beneath the 1800ug/L standard by the Wyoming state-wide approved CleanSweepBarium™ process.  Over 7.5 million barrels of CBM produced water have been cost-effectively and consistently purified in an ongoing CBM recovery process.

International application of CleanSweepBarium™ technology is under consideration in Australia, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Israel, and Russia where CBM recovery is rapidly expanding to take advantage of low-carbon emission advantages of this abundant energy source.  Information and support for CleanSweepBarium™ installation and operation is available by contacting TBEC, Inc. personnel at TBEC@tbeconlline.com or through the TBEC, Inc. web page at www.TBEConline.com.


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