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CCA Announces Bookings in Excess of $10 Million Through March 2013


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MONROE, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Combustion Components Associates, Inc. (CCA) today announced record bookings in excess of $10 million through the first four months of its 2013 fiscal year. Major orders were received for low NOx burners (LNB), selective non catalytic reduction (SNCR) and urea based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems from a broad range of domestic customers in the utility, chemical, pulp and paper and general industrial market sectors.

Speaking to the record bookings, Mr. Giff Broderick, President of CCA said: “These orders reflect the range of products and services that CCA offers to customers to help them reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of their boiler operations. CCA is unique in offering a broad suite of combustion and after treatment approaches for NOx and CO reduction and in our ability to help utility and industrial customers with a switch to natural gas firing based on both its economic and emissions benefits.”

“Over half of the bookings represent orders for CCA’s proprietary TRIM-NOX® urea based SCR technology,” added Broderick. This technology allows for either the direct injection of urea into the exhaust duct before a catalyst or the on site conversion of urea to ammonia for injection through a traditional exhaust grid. Urea is far safer to store and handle than ammonia and it is already widely used on trucks and passenger cars for NOx reduction. The other orders comprise follow-on orders from a large industrial client for the combination of LNB and SNCR on additional boilers, as well as a number of burner orders from other customers for fuel conversions from heavy oil to natural gas and from heavy oil to lighter number 2 oil.

About CCA

CCA is a global provider of combustion solutions and combustion control technologies to reduce NOx, particulate matter (PM), unburned carbon and CO emissions at various types of combustion facilities including utility power plants, paper & pulp mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, ethanol plants, marine vessels, and combustion turbines. CCA continues to expand its base of applications across conventional, biomass and waste fuels.

CCA specializes in supplying in-furnace and post-combustion emission control technologies. CCA’s technologies have been installed in over 250 steam generators worldwide ranging in size from 10 MW to 800 MW (50,000 to 5,500,000 lb/hr steam flow) on coal, natural gas, fuel oil, refinery gas, waste fuels and biofuel fired units; and over 150 SCR systems have been installed on diesel engines and industrial boilers. CCA technologies also have been installed on thermal oxidizers, lime kilns and dryers.

For more information, visit CCA’s website at or call 203-268-3139.

Product and Press inquiries related to CCA’s TRIM-NOX SCR control technologies should be directed to: Jim Valentine; (203-268-3139 x111).

Product and Press inquiries related to CCA’s combustion, burner and boiler related emission control technologies should be directed to: Ed Schindler; (203-268-3139 x117).

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