CDP Spring Workshop Italy: Quantifying the business case of sustainable development


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The next Italian CDP Spring Workshop Italy will take place in Milan on March the 25th next. The 100 largest carbon reporting companies in Italy discuss the latest trends in climate change reporting and the challenges of optimizing sustainability performance.

PE INTERNATIONAL will, as Expert Partner, be speaking about “Quantifying the business case of sustainable development” illustrated with examples from a variety of business cases developed over the past 2 years

The experiences of other organizations will help the audience to understand the evaluation of improvement opportunities and how benefits can be quantified for evaluation by decision makers or investors.

PE INTERNATIONAL supports 100ds of clients with Carbon improvement assessments and related cost benefit analysis. Most of these clients actively report to CDP, using our leading edge CDP reporting tool.

Evaluation of the opportunities found and the appropriate business cases for them, can really initiate a shift toward a more climate sensitive business strategy. More and more Italian companies are uncovering this potential. 

The overall result of the CDP 100 Climate Change Report 2014 reflect a significant improvement in effort to monitor and manage their climate change impacts. Comparison with the 2013 scores shows a solid improvement of average scores and disclosure performance.

We conclude that companies start more and more integrating sustainability performance management in their day to day business operations. Sustainable development is clearly becoming Main Stream. The business opportunities resulting from it can be quite significant on all 4 key business performance areas: REVENUE, BRANDING, OPERATIONAL COST and BUSINESS RISK.

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