Celebrating 20 years at WPL


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On 1 May 2011, WPL Limited will be celebrating 20 years of providing quality environmental wastewater solutions within the UK. Founded on 1 May 1991, the company initially produced Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products to various clients and has since grown into a multi-million pound business providing sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, grease and industrial management solutions to the UK and European markets.

After WPL’s initial success producing GRP products, it launched itself into the wastewater industry by producing the first packaged sewage treatment plant based on submerged aeration filter technology; the HiPAF (High Performance Aerated Filter). Although the technology had been developed 30 years earlier for large plants, WPL was the first to apply this technology to package plants; the first of which was sold to a caravan park in Cornwall. On the back of this, several distributors started to sell the HiPAF in a number of different sectors, principally commercial businesses like rural pubs, hotels and caravan parks that are not on the sewage mains.

In 1995, one of the four founding shareholders sold their shares to Wendage Pollution and Watling Hope. On the back of this sale, WPL launched the Grease Guzzler in 1996 and reached £0.5 million sales in 1999. Around the same time, the customised GRP mouldings side of the business was closed down, so WPL could focus on their wastewater treatment products.

The Diamond sewage treatment plant entered the WPL product range as an import from the United States in 1997 and following a very successful introduction to the UK market, sales grossed £1 million in 2003. Production was moved to the UK in 2009 and WPL now produces all Diamonds at its production facility in Waterlooville Hampshire.

During the first ten years of trading, WPL introduced a number of other products, including sand filters, conical tanks and sequential batch reactors. More recent additions include tertiary micro screens, robust aerated digesters and biologically engineered sludge treatment plants.

The most recent additions to the WPL product line are a comprehensive range of premium quality rainwater harvesting systems, all of which boost the company’s green credentials and make us a serious sustainability contender within the domestic, developer and commercial markets.

Richard Gundry, Managing Director at WPL, said: “WPL is uniquely placed in the UK market in that it supplies a range of goods and services to domestic and commercial customers via a network of distributors and builders merchants, right up to Water Utilities and Consulting Engineers both here and abroad.”

John Knights, Chairman of WPL, said: “Prior to 1991, I had 20 years experience within the water and wastewater business. With the privatisation of the water industry in 1989, it seemed the perfect time to set up a company within the sector with new and exciting wastewater treatment technology.

Having been the Chairman from the founding of the company, I have seen the company through good times and bad and I am very proud that WPL has survived a 20 year roller coaster of market conditions.”

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