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CETCI has the perfect gas detector system for your application!

More Features, Greater Functionality, Superior Value!

Delta, British Columbia -- Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is thrilled to introduce our new line of gas detection products that offer more features, greater functionality and superior value.

The QCC Quad Channel Controller, is perfect for small to medium sized gas detection applications such as monitoring CO, NO2 and combustible gases in car parks; refrigerants, CO2 or ammonia in chiller rooms; ozone and chlorine in recreational facilities; multi gas type monitoring in wastewater treatment plants; and many more.

The QCC has four gas channel configurations and offers exceptional functionality with digital and/or analog inputs, an extensive menu system, logic control, a door mounted audible alarm, LCD display, three SPDT relays, and value added options such as a top mounted strobe, manual shutoff switch (meets B52 code requirements), two analog outputs for VFD control, with data logging and a BACnet output signal for communicating with a BAS.

The DCC Dual Channel Controller offers one or two channel configurations for monitoring toxic, refrigerant and/or combustible gases in a wide variety of applications including refrigeration applications, indoor commercial pools, ice arenas and car parks/parking garages requiring VFD control.

The DCC sports an internal audible alarm, LCD display, two SPDT relays, a menu system and analog output. Optional factory installed features include, an extra loud door mounted buzzer, a water tight buzzer, internal heater for cold environment applications, a top mounted strobe and a splash guard for protection in wet applications.

For less complex applications and designed primarily for parking garages, the SCC Self-Contained Controller offers one or two channel configurations for monitoring CO, NO2 and/or combustible gases. It offers standard features such as an internal audible alarm, two SPDT relays and LED indicators.

Set to debut in Spring 2016 is the FCS Flexible Control System, the power house of all controllers. With up to 128 gas channel inputs, the FCS has been designed for monitoring large and complex applications, with zoning, flexible analog, digital and wireless transmitter combinations, data logging and much more. It will feature a touchscreen, colour display, audible alarm, four SPDT relays, an extensive menu system with a password protected structure, enhanced logic control, data logging and a large list of value added options such a top mounted strobe, locking door, four analog outputs, four analog inputs and a BACnet output signal for communicating with a BAS.

Coinciding with the development of the FCS are a number of remote and peripheral devices that will provide Modbus, BACnet, Wireless and Wi-Fi communication options, network coverage area extensions, remote power supply and additional analog outputs, digital inputs and relay output functionality. 

Completing our LPT Family of gas detection products are a collection of gas detection transmitters designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements:

Analog Transmitters:

  • LPT Low Power
  • LPT-A Analog
  • LPT-A-VLT-NH3 Ammonia Vent Line

 Digital Transmitters:

  • LPT-B BACnet
  • LPT-M Modbus
  • LPT-P Car Park
  • LPT-T Wi-Fi
  • LPT-W Wireless
  • LPT-H Hybrid

 All of our gas detectors come standard in a water/dust tight enclosure with a copper coated interior to reduce RF interference.

Our products conform to CSA, UL, CE, FCC, BTL and IP54 standards.

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