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Changes and innovations delivered with SoundPLAN version 7.0


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  • New layout and more information in the SoundPLAN Manager
  • New Dynamic Search calculation core with Multi-threading, higher accuracy and improved forms of noise protection walls
  • New Indoor Factory calculations with half height walls
  • Improvements to the Documentations and Spreadsheets page layout
  • Noise Allotment improved and printable from the Graphics
  • Direct Excel-Export from the Documentation
  • Attribute Explorer in the Geo-Database with calculation and statistics functions
  • New object type for tunnel openings
  • Noise protection walls with more flexibility in geometry and absorption
  • Print preview in the graphics
  • Flexible receiver tables in the graphics
  • More flexible license management for network licenses (license borrowing)

An overview of the changes

SoundPLAN Manager

  • The SoundPLAN Manager was redesigned to reflect the new SoundPLAN company logo. There are new buttons for building acoustics outside and for noise allotment. The building acoustics module will eventually have an English user interface and description in the handbook. Presently it is only in German. 
  • A new version of the German AzB is now included in the aircraft noise standards; As there are many standards from which to choose, a selection of the standard for the aircraft noise model is integrated into the standards available through the SoundPLAN Manager.
  • The SoundPLAN Manager now displays more information about the project and selected standards.
  • The Project selection was reworked so that locations on a network can be accessed without first generating a drive letter for the path. When selecting a packed project you will be asked if this project should be zipped.
  • The latest SoundPLAN manual is on every CD, but with new version 7.0 the manual can also be read on-line via HELP => Read manual. New versions of the manual will install at the same place, as well as the update text explaining in detail the changes coming with version 7.0. You can find this text under HELP => Read update text.

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