Chemical cleaning eliminated in the Dairy- saves energy, chemical discharge and danger of bacterial contamination


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

 The presence of calcium carbonate in water gives rise to the formation of a deposit of  hard scale on surfaces  particularly when water is heated. In dairies this is a severe problem where it forms on stainless steel and is required to be removed by using chemicals. These chemicals then  have to be thoroughly rinsed off before equipment is reused to avoid contaminating the milk.  Of course all the chemicals being rinsed off  go into the drains and then into streams and rivers.

But there is also another problem caused by the scale.  In addition to being difficult to remove and reducing the efficiency of the plant  presence of calcium provides a surface upon which protein matter can deposit and bacteria can then breed. This deposition is called milk stone.

Stainless steel is used for good reason in dairies because it is not prone to corrosion and has a very smooth surface .. But Scale destroys all this and leads to the requirement to spend hours  chemical cleaning and scouring.

Lalu Farms of Sparta Tennessee found a solution to this problem, one that was totally environment friendly and that saved hours on manpower, eliminated chemicals and reduced the risk of bacterial contamination.

By installing a Scaletron catalytic water conditioner manufactured by Fluid Dynamics International they were able to neutralise the calcium carbonate in the water so that it did not form a hard scale and did not stick to the pipework or other stainless steel surfaces . The end result as the owners of the dairy say in their report is that they “saved huge amounts of chemicals and tons of man hours and considerable amounts of money”.  Milk stone has been totally eliminated since the installation of the Scaletron Catalytic conditioner that treats all the water coming from a well with 400ppm of hardness.

The Scaletron works by imparting a small electrical charge into the water and this affects the calcium carbonate in such a way that it does not form a hard scale. The technology developed by Fluid Dynamics is used worldwide in the food industry, engineering, motor manufacturing and buildings . Clients range from Unilever to Honda and from the City Mall in Jordan to the Kempinski Hotel in Dubai  and include  Cambridge University in England. Simply installed in the pipework the product requires no maintenance and has no moving parts. Over 250,000 are installed worldwide.


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