Chemical free cleaning of MBR wastewater treatment plants



MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH located in Wiesbaden, Germany and Darmstadt University of Technology have developed a new, environmentally friendly cleaning process for submerged membranes in membrane-bio-reactor (MBR) applications.

Due to their small footprint and superior effluent quality, MBR plants are the next generation of biological wastewater treatment. The driving force for this technology is the request for cleaner, more environmentally friendly cleaning of the membrane modules. In 2005, MICRODYN-NADIR developed the first back washable flat sheet membrane. This only requires a simple pre-treatment of the feed flow and exhibits extended operation between cleaning cycles. However, even with this novel development, some chemicals are needed for intensive cleaning.

A newly developed mechanical cleaning process (BIO-CEL®-MCP) utilizing granulates can now be integrated to the MBR. This allows for a chemical free operation and even more importantly a significant enhancement of flux. The usage of the MCP is even suitable for external membrane cleaning of the fouled membranes in any condition. In terms of sustainability with this cleaning process the environment can be protected (no usage of chemicals and therefore no chemical by-products). Additionally the cost can be reduced.

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