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Source: ChemiGreen Technologies Inc.

Toronto, Ontario – December 9th, 2009 ChemiGreen Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the WI-Plug Wireless Spill Containment System, is proud to announce that the Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine had chosen to publish in its latest edition an article about ChemiGreen and its unique solution to spill containment, the WI-Plug.

The article “Keeping spills on-site with wireless technology” can be found at the following link:

“Having this article in the most recognized environmental magazine in North America gives ChemiGreen recognition to its unique position in the spill containment industry” said Shachar “shak” Parran, ChemiGreen’s CEO.

About ChemiGreen.

ChemiGreen Inc. is a Canadian company, , and its main focus is on keeping spills on-site. ChemiGreen’s unique, world first Wireless Spill Containment System contains spills by blocking drains and outfalls during environmental emergencies, thus protecting the environment. The WI-plug system commander is programmed to immediately send a signal to the wireless plug (WI-PLUG) to block the discharge from entering the drainage system.
The WI-PLUG immediately deploys, and contains the spill. At the same time the system commander will transmit an alarm to the plant’s Control Centre. Simultaneously, key-personnel are notified of the incident by e-mails.
The system turns an emergency into a routine clean-up.

The unique WI-Plug uses a bladder that can be inflated and deflated when needed. The WI-Plug can be easily installed at any type and size of pipe, including underground. The entire system is wireless and can be controlled by a PC computer, alarm system, sensors and hand-held remotes.

Additional information about the WI-Plug can be found on ChemiGreen’s website

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