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Children’s Health Month and Avoiding Environmental Exposure Hazards

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Clark Seif Clark provides environmental and industrial hygiene testing and consulting services to protect people of all ages from exposure risks.

Chatsworth, CA, October 1st, 2019 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes October as Children’s Health Month. To spread public awareness of this important topic and provide information about ways people can protect children from a number of potential environmental exposure risks, the agency has created a list of online educational resources. The list covers topics ranging from mold and indoor air quality (IAQ) to lead in drinking water and protecting children from pesticides.


In many cases, children are more vulnerable to chemical and microbial substances due to differences in behavior and biology that can lead to greater exposure and/or unique windows of susceptibility during development. The EPA states that children’s nervous, immune response, digestive and other bodily systems are still developing and are more easily harmed by exposure. Children also eat more food, drink more fluids and breathe more air than adults in proportion to their body size. The behavior of children, such as crawling and placing objects in their mouths, can also increase their risk of environmental exposures.


“In some indoor and outdoor environments, children and adults could come in contact with everything from PCBs, lead, asbestos and volatile organic compounds to mold and bacteria. Other agents in the environment could be asthma triggers and/or allergens due to the air they breathe, substances they touch, and the food and beverages they consume,” said Zahid Iqbal, MPH, CIH and Technical Director at Clark Seif Clark (CSC). “For children, the risk is typically where they spend the most time. This may include the home, yard, daycare center, school or even a favorite playground.”


To help protect children, families and workers from exposure to potentially hazardous substances, CSC’s industrial hygiene, building science and indoor environmental quality professionals offer their expertise to identify these and many other exposure concerns. If testing identifies an issue, their experts can help clients take the necessary steps to mitigate or eliminate exposure risks.


To support the efforts of Children’s Health Month, CSC recently sponsored an educational video on the topic that includes many common environmental exposure risks. The video can be seen at:


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