China's Water Purifier Market Research, 2013


According to China’s environmental protection department statistics, 82% of the country’s rivers are polluted to various extents. In China’s seven major river systems, almost 40% of the rivers are not suitable to be as drinkable water resources; 78% of the rivers in cities are not suitable to be as drinkable water resources; about 50% of the urban groundwater is polluted. These shocking figures not only warn people to treasure water resources, but also provide an opportunity for the rapid development of water purifier industry.

In 2012, the output value of water purifier industry in China was CNY 2.5 billion. With the enhancement of people’s healthy consumption awareness, water purifier market is becoming hotter and hotter. The number of industry new entrants is surging, and the expansion projects are gradually put into operation. The output value of water purifier industry is expected to be CNY 13.5 billion in 2017. 

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In 2012, in terms of the regional distribution, the market shares of South China and East China are larger; the two of them accounted for 63% of the national total market. The market share of other regions was less than 10%.

Huidian Research survey shows that 98% of customers pay attention to price, function, brands and appearance. 12.5% of customers favor foreign brands. 22.5% customers choose the domestic brands. 65% customers just focus on product itself rather than brand. Consumers’ choice on water purifier products is transferring from sensibility to rationality. Only the products with good quality and high cost-efficiency can be favored by customers. So, enterprise should pay more attention to products rather than other unpractical aspects.

44% of customers buy water purifiers in traditional stores; 27% and 17% of consumers will select exclusive stores and online store. So, it seems that brand retail store will become the future trend. The physical stores in the future have two types: (1) flagship stores in large-size cities; these flagship stores can be the main trading platform and information exchange platform. (2) Stores in residential block. 

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