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China ZJN waste-to-energy rotary drum dryer, sludges dryer and biosolids dryer

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Jan. 14th, 2020 at Lax -- China ZJN rotary drum dryers are designed to dispose of industry-specific biosolids, esp. sewage sludges in a safe and cost-effective mode. China ZJN Flue Drying System offers an efficient, safe, and low-cost solutions for future biosolids recycling. China ZJN rotary drum dryers can efficiently remove moisture content from biosolids, sludges&biomass, reducing the weight by at least 80% and retaining the energy&nutrients in finished product. This delivers significant cost savings and opportunities for profit.

Our rotary drum dryers are more efficient than cyclone dryers because their air-compressing system cannot break pathogen cells and often fail to break the cells of pathogens and failed to remove the water in the finished product.Our state-of-the-art design enables China ZJN rotary drum dryer to create a vacuum state in the cylinder, break up the pathogen cell, while preventing the re-obsorption of water by finished products(what is often occurred to a cyclone dryer or belt dryer), thereby removing the water content to zero digit.

So the throughput of a cyclone dryer is lower, and that of ours are higher, thereby saving time and waste of investment fees.

China ZJN rotary drum dryer can effectively remove harmful biosolids in microplastics, toxins, pathogens, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, and harmful chemicals such as PFAS while screening out the useful.

China ZJN rotary drum dryers can process biosolids and sludges into fuel, milimeter grains, pellets, sticks&briquettes, and the finished prodcuts are evenly baked and formed.So, the finished product can be used as construction materials, fetelizers, cement raw materials and used for energy resources for power plants, rather than going to the landfilling(saving landfilling bills).

Our rotary drum dryer can optimize the color, improve the properties of the finished product, while killing all virus of the finished product, thereby helping prevent swine fever in this planet.

The dismissed water can meet the local eco-safety standards and used for your irrigation needs.

The off-gas is free of sulphur or other harmful particles.