Chlorosilane Tank Inspection


Source: Progressive Technical Services Ltd

Several months ago Progressive were approached by a nationwide waste treatment company to undertake work on a tank containing a highly flammable, high toxic and highly corrosive material called Chlorosaline.

The material was contained in a stainless steel tank at the treatment facility and the client had been draining liquid from it until they believed it had either stopped due to the discharge being blocked with material or the last of the liquid had been removed.

Planning for the cleaning work had been ongoing for some time but the client was unsure of where to turn for the next stage. In stepped Progressive who had worked on the site for the last fifteen years and had built a sound working relationship with the engineering and safety departments over the years.

We suggested a method that would allow them to establish how much residual material was left in the tank without removing the man-way door and releasing the fumes and vapors into the plant.

Progressive requested the client vent the tank to the on-site scrubber plant for several days before our team arrived and to fill the tank with nitrogen the day before to create an inert atmosphere. On the day our team arrived the nitrogen was purged from the tank and working in breathing apparatus our operators removed a blank from the tank and connected a fitting that allowed us to pump small quantities of nitrogen into the tank to maintain a positive pressure atmosphere while a camera was inserted into the tank.

The camera recorded the findings onto a USB device that showed the contents of the tank to be fairly minimal.

With the client happy with the work arrangements were made for a follow up visit next month to remove the material and clean the tank to the standard required by the client.

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