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CL-Out receives US EPA design for the environment designation


Source: CL Solutions, LLC

The US EPA has awarded CL-Out the Design for the Environment (DfE) designation in recognition of the safety and environmentally-friendly formulation of the product. The DfE designation indicates to customers that CL-Out meets the DfE challenge to incorporate environmental and health benefits into their product selection decisions.

CL-Out is a blend of specialized bacteria formulated for the remediation of organic chemicals in soil and ground water. CL-Out has been widely used to remediate pollutions at dry cleaners and industrial properties throughout the US. CL-Out degrades chlorinated solvents by aerobic cometabolism. CL-Out is distributed by CL Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio.

CL-Out is manufactured by Osprey Biotechnics of Sarasota, Florida. Osprey Biotechnics was instrumental in obtaining the DfE designation through their environmentally friendly formulation and manufacturing procedures.

The DfE Program is a voluntary partnership program that works directly with industries to integrate health and environmental considerations into their business decisions. DfE is also a recognized approach that companies first adopted in the late 1980s that involves thinking in terms of 'design for' qualities or traits in products and process design. In the environmental field, views on risk management have shifted to approaches that promote reducing risks to human health and the environment through pollution prevention or source reduction instead of relying on end-of-the-pipe pollution control.

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