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Cleaner, faster, safer oil reservoir maintenance


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Dating back to the late seventies, the Fillordrain, as a filling device, becomes a permanent filling wand, and as a dispensing device, it is uniquely suited to draining a reservoir, tank or drum

The idea behind the Oilmiser Fillordrain dates back to the mid 1970's. I was assigned the job of replacing a leaking cover gasket on a reservoir supplied to a local sawmill. The fix was straight forward. Transfer approximately 80 gallons of oil into two empty drums. Remove the inspection cover.

Replace the cover gasket.

Reattach the inspection cover.

Transfer the oil back into the reservoir.

Cleanup the work area, and the job was done.

With the assistance of sawmill personnel I stood ready to do my part when the reservoir was drained.

The next few hours were painful to watch.

Under less than 'clean room' conditions the filler/breather was removed.

Then, in a tangle of hoses and confusion, suction and return wands were passed back and forth between reservoir and drum, each time contributing to a cleanup time that all but equaled the job time.

With previous experience in industrial engineering - in an industry driven by efficiency and productivity - this was a nightmare of inefficiency and waste.

Two years later, this same sawmill, was the first customer for the Oilmiser Fillordrain.

With the support of a maintenance superintendent sold on the merits of preventive maintenance, eight hydraulic reservoirs, were fitted with an Oilmiser Fillordrain.

The design criteria mapped out two years earlier was achieved: - establish a permanent suction / filling wand.

- provide a simple retrofit for existing reservoirs.

- provide an efficient and replaceable air filter.

- establish a standardized reservoir attachment.

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