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“Clearing the Air” News Round Up: Landfill Odors Worsening; Rotten Egg Smell in San Francisco; and Asphalt Industry Forecast


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Welcome to the “Clearing the Air” News Round Up post from OMI Industries. We have compiled the latest industrial odor control news stories for your reference, arming you with the right information to keep your facilities odor-free. If you have any news that you would like our team to cover, please fill out our contact form and we will strongly consider running your story.

Have Landfill and Compost Operation Odors Worsened in Intensity and Frequency?

OMI Industries’ Dr. Laura Haupert, along with Marc L. Byers of Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, were recently featured in this MSW Management article, which explores how odors from landfills continue to be a significant challenge.

Pennsylvania American Water Closes Acquisition of Scranton Wastewater System

Pennsylvania American Water recently completed its $195 million acquisition of the wastewater system assets of the Scranton Sewer Authority (SSA).

San Francisco’s Rotten Egg Smell Mystery

Officials are still working to pinpoint what recently caused a rotten-egg stench reported across the San Francisco Bay. This includes monitoring a petroleum refinery, a county composting facility, landfills, sewage treatment facilities, and shipping traffic.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Celebrates 30 Years of Cooperative Water Reuse

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Water Conserv II project, the largest cooperative water reuse project of its kind in the world.

Improperly Composted Material Causes a Stink

A waste disposal company in California recently stored 10 times more compost than it was permitted to at a local landfill, which ultimately emitted a noxious odor that caused complaints from neighbors.

2017 Asphalt Road Building Industry Forecast

Asphalt Contractor Magazine recently published it 2017 industry forecast, which discusses new trends and innovations that will impact the asphalt road building industry this year.

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