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Water Resources Bill Overall Cost; Denver Odor Control Plans; and Three Decades of Paving Innovation

Welcome to the “Clearing the Air” News Round Up post from OMI Industries. We have compiled the latest industrial odor control news stories for your reference, arming you with the right information to keep your facilities odor-free. If you have any news that you would like our team to cover, please fill out our contact form and we will strongly consider running your story.

Water Resources Bill Would Cost $10.6 Billion

A Senate bill authorizing navigation, flood control, wetland restoration and water quality projects is estimated to cost $10.6 billion, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office report.

Denver Law Would Require Industries to Create Odor Control Plans

Denver’s Department of Environmental Health is proposing a law where all industrial businesses in the region would need to develop odor management plans.

Using Human Waste to Generate Power and Save Thousands of Dollars

One wastewater treatment plant is harnessing methane gas to power electrical generators, which keep the plant running.

Water-Wasting Leaks Plague Many Cities

Cash-strapped cities are contending with aging, leak-prone water systems that waste trillions of gallons a year and result in damaging breaks.

Three Decades of Paving Innovations

Marking its 30th year in business, Asphalt Contractor Magazine takes a look at asphalt pavers and how they have evolved in the last three decades.

How a Drone Can Make Your Asphalt Plant More Profitable

The asphalt industry is now using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones to help streamline operations and increase profits.

Law Firm Solicits Odor Complaints Against Paper Plant

A Seattle law firm has mailed “advertisements” soliciting people willing to participate in a possible class-action lawsuit against alleged “noxious odors” emitted at nearby paper plant.

New Smell Sensors Will Help With National Security, Public Health and Much More

According to this recent Reuters story, there will be an explosion of smell detecting apps and sensors that will help everything from national security to public health.

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