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Climate Capital Network launches global market for climate change investments


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Today sees the official launch of a global network mobilizing and accelerating investments to tackle climate change at Climate Capital Network™ will attract and facilitate massive capital flow from investors and philanthropists, to ventures and projects that mitigate and compensate greenhouse gases (GHG) globally.

Michael Mathres, Partner & Co-Founder says: “The Kyoto Protocol is simply not enough. We have to massively reduce our global emissions and have only 10-20 years to fix things. We need to start a Third Industrial Revolution predicated on, and driven by, low-carbon energies and technologies. Climate Capital Network will mobilize global investors, and connect them with these low-carbon solutions.”

Climate Capital Network (CCN) will accelerate our global transition to a low-carbon economy, by connecting investors and entrepreneurs/companies offering solutions that tackle climate change (e.g. renewable energy, clean technology, energy efficiency, recycling, CDM, JI, CCS, geo-engineering, forestation etc…). Investors interested in such ventures, and entrepreneurs and companies providing them have to register for FREE at Climate Capital Network will then conduct due diligence, strategically advise them, provide intelligence, and help them with fundraising.

Over the past year CCN has conducted research in the scale and size of this low-carbon economy and values it at more than a Trillion Dollars*. Michael Mathres, Partner & Co-Founder says: “We need to massively increase and accelerate capital flow into solutions tackling climate change if we are serious about dealing with this problem and Climate Capital Network will do just that.'


* Our current financial markets are inefficient and ineffective.
* There is no global investment market for solutions that tackle climate change.
* There is not enough capital addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Climate Capital Network is managed by two entrepreneurs with 15 years experience in the climate change and finance industry. Michael Mathres (London) & Alan Ocaña (Paris) are supported by a team of analysts, and an Advisory Board.


* Global exclusive network of private, public, corporate, venture, institutional, individual and High-Net-Worth investors, companies, governments and experts.
* CCN is independent and not affiliated to any funds, countries, or political parties
* Registration is FREE with no obligation
* Aiming to get +3’000 investors in network by end of 2008
* CCN offers consulting, fundraising and intelligence services to optimise capital flow
* CCN has developed, with its strategic partner Epsilon Research, a database of reports on financial transactions in the climate change sector. The database is launching with more than 100 deals worth €2.5 billion. CCN will get more than 400deals by end of 2008.
* CCN is already working with large corporations, rich entrepreneurs and investors

*Key figures of this Trillion-dollar market:

* Rising Energy Demand - Spending on global supply infrastructure will exceed $15 trillion through 2030 according to the International Energy Agency.
* Stern Review - The Stern Review suggests committing 1% of GDP ($350-480billion/year) to cut carbon emissions.
* UNFCCC - The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change says that to mitigate climate change, we would need $200billion/year or 0.3% of global GDP.
* Carbon trading schemes - According to Point Carbon, the market has tripled to more than $60B in the past year. It will be worth more than $1 trillion within a decade, says New York Times.
* Voluntary carbon markets – According to Katoomba, this market grew 200% last year and is currently worth over $100M.
* Energy productivity/efficiency -The McKinsey Global Institute has indicated that we must invest $170 billion/year, to reduce global energy demand by half.
* Renewable energy - According to Ernst & Young global investment in renewable energy could reach US$750bn within the next ten years. US bank Morgan Stanley estimates the US market for clean energy sources—like wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels—could top $1 trillion by 2030.
* Institutional investors – The Carbon Disclosure Project, an organization representing over $41 trillion in assets, is asking for more action on climate change and the full disclosure of carbon emissions by all FT500 companies.
* Next US President – All US presidential candidates (Obama, Clinton & McCain) have hinted at joining post-Kyoto negotiations and forming a national carbon cap-and-trade scheme that would be worth $150 Billion by 2012.
* Consumers – bought low-carbon goods, which was worth £4.1B in the UK alone in 2006 according to the Co-operative Bank.
* Clean technology – According to New Energy Finance, investors poured more than $150B in 2007 in clean-tech.

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