COD Analyzer for Waste Water Analysis


Source: LAR Process Analysers AG

LAR's QuickCODultra is an online COD analyzer for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in complex water. The analyzer uses a robotic horizontally and vertically moving injection needle. It enables the injection of the raw waste water sample incl. particulates into the oven. Thus, operators do not need any sample preparation such as filtration. The COD analyzer works with a high temperature combustion method at 1200 °C. At this temperature all compounds are fully oxidized. As a result, measurement results are free of chloride interferences and operators do not need expensive oxidation promoting catalysts. The amount of oxygen needed is detected by an oxygen detector. The determination of the chemical oxygen demand takes place in less than 2 minutes. Using the muti-stream option the QuickCODultra measures up to 6 sample streams in one unit.

LAR's COD analyzer is optimally suitable for the detection of production losses in chemical and food industries as well as for control of waste water treatment plants.

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