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Cold Catalytic Air Purifiers for IAQ


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Indoor air contaminants are increasing and people suffer at home as well as at work. In many instances ozonation has been used to eliminate odors, VOC´s and mold metaboli. Disadvantage f this system has been that it can be used only in evacuated rooms.

Vinsentti Oy in Finland has long experience in modern UV- ozone technology. Over 100.000 families and several institution have got help in removing unpleasent odors and mold esp. after water leakage in wall insulations.

New ProFair cold catalytic air purifiers can do the same job while people can stay in the room while it is beeing purified.

ProFair air machines can remove all sort of VOC´s, hydrocarbons, mold and their metaboli as well as bacteria and viruses.

Please call Mr. Raimo Vartiainen for more details on equipment and distribution in your country

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