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Collaboration with LHA Architects and Larsen Engineers on LEED YMCA Lodge in Orange County


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Ikan’s role in the integrated design process was to identify strategies in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for the reduction of energy and water consumption throughout the facility. The HVAC system is a combination of energy recovery ventilation and in floor radiant heating and cooling, which offers one of the most energy efficient space conditioning systems currently available.

Heating and cooling energy will be captured with a geothermal heat pump system that draws heating and cooling energy from a near by lake. The in floor radiant system is also used to capture passive solar heating energy gained during winter from the buildings southern exposure and is then distributed to the heat loads of the entire space.

The ventilation air system will be integrated with the building exhaust system, so that energy can be reclaimed from the exhaust air and transferred into the outdoor ventilation air serving the space. This system will also serve as humidification control for the space a feature designed to compliment the radiant cooling system.

The building lighting systems will be furnished with light emitting diodes (LED) lights. When compared with standard incandescent lights the LED use 80% less electrical energy while providing better lighting quality.

Water conservation measures will also be implemented throughout the facility through the addition of low flow showerheads and dual flush toilets. The lavatory faucets will be furnished with mini water turbines that control water flow while charging the power source for the faucet optical sensor. On demand water heaters create hot water only when needed eliminating stand by losses and water waste associated with a typical central tank system.

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