Colsen International signs deal to deliver biggest co-digesting plant in Spain


Source: Colsen International b.v.

Colsen International b.v. has signed a contract with their Spanish partner Ahidra S. L. for the turn-key delivery of the biggest co-digesting plant in Spain. The co-digesting plant will be fed with cow manure (450 ton/day) and a diverse menu of co-products (140 ton/day)

The technological know-how of Colsen, in the field of thermophillic digestion (of manure) and digestate processing, was of critical importance to the physical owner of the plant and client in selecting the Dutch-Spanish combination. The Karrantza project concerns an investment of 12 million Euro.

The local authorities of Karrantza Harana and a cooperation of farmers (GUVAC) have established the company Karrantzako Minda S.L. for realizing and owning the co-digesting installation in Valle de Karrantza. The plant is realized with the support of the Basque authorities (Ministario M. Ambiente, Gobierno Vasco). Ade-Biotec S.L. will be aggravated with the exploitation and management of the plant and will act as contractor.

The current situation in the Valle de Karrantza leads to problems, mainly in manure disperse. The 12.500 cows produce circa 350.000 tons manure annually, which corresponds to circa 1.000 tons/day. The agrarian fields, available for spreading the manure, are determined on 1.042 hectare. Based on the European legislation (Nitraat Directive 91/676/CEE) there is a maximum nitrogen load of 210 kg N/ha.year. Considering the current situation in the region, an annual reduction of 430.000kg N/year (67%) is inevitable.

To solve this problem, it has been decided to start processing manure in an installation which will reduce Nitrogen to acceptable levels and besides, provides products of economical value. Next to irrigation water with low levels of Nitrogen, the plant will produce electrical energy, thermal energy and organic fertilizer.

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