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Columbus McKinnon Tire Recycling Division launches new website


Columbus McKinnon (CM) – Sarasota Operations located in Florida has been pioneering the development of tire recycling systems since 1982. CM was the first company to develop turn key systems specifically for the reduction of scrap tires with the intent on creating valuable end products that are commonly know today as tire derived materials.

The division continues to enjoy immense growth and has launched a new website dedicated to providing comprehensive tire recycling equipment knowledge including engineering specification drawings, video and end-use results. The new site allows clients to download our brochures directly from the site and links for the client to contact our sales department direct.

Our in depth knowledge of markets for products derived from scrap tires has given us the leading edge in developing tire recycling systems that create valuable products for our customers. Over the years we have worked closely with our customers, leading industry professionals and numerous industry associates to assist in the development of innovative market driven solutions for tire derived materials.

About CM – Tire Recycling Equipment - As early as 1980 CM recognized the value of the “Holman Patent” a patented shredder knife system that created extremely close knife to knife tolerances. This system allowed processors to create high quality tire chips with very little exposed steel. Once acquired, this patent was coupled with an innovative patented highly efficient screening system. When these advanced technologies were coupled together they created a system that produced clean cut chips of consistent sizes. This innovation in shredding and screening technology was incremental to the advancement of the tire derived fuel and tire derived aggregate market. This concept has been expanded on throughout the years and numerous shredder models and knife designs such as the CM Multi-Stack ™ and CM Double Stack™ are available for all applications and markets.

As markets for smaller materials grew, CM developed it’s patented Liberator™. As its name denotes, the CM Liberator is a highly advanced development in tire reduction and separation technology. As the industry was developing ways to create clean rubber, CM was designing a system to create clean steel. This philosophy greatly differed from most. However, CM engineers knew that if clean steel was produced that it could be sold to steel mills creating an additional revenue steam and eliminating costly disposal fees. We also knew that if we could produce clean steel, then our byproduct, clean rubber would also be of exceptional high quality as well.

The CM Liberator was introduced in 2002 and it has exceeded all of our expectations. Not only does it produce high quality steel at very impressive production rates. The rubber produced by its unique pinching, ripping and tearing knife configuration produces an impressive distribution of rubber sizes. In many cases, processors have forgone additional milling and grinding systems. Instead they have installed additional screening and cleaning capabilities to take advantage of all product sizes produced. This allows them to produce products for all major markets for tire derived materials.

CM has installed over 215 tire recycling systems in 15 countries throughout the world. Our systems process in excess of 500 million tires per year.

About Columbus McKinnon Corp- Amherst, NY - The Company manufactures a broad line of material handling products for use in a wide range of markets around the world. Primary products include hoists, lifting chain, overhead crane systems and below-the-hook attachments. The company has a rich 135-year history, and many of the brands are the most recognized in the world.

CM Co. is publicly traded on the NSDQ - CMCO

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