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Philip Wyatt, the President and Founder of W-L brings to the company a long history of leading edge particle characterization instrumentation. Beginning with his first patent describing the concept of single aerosol particle characterization in 1971 [P. J. Wyatt,Microparticle analyzer employing a spherical detector array, U. S. Patent 3,624,835 (1971)], he has always been recognized by the innovations his laser-based have introduced. These include the first analytical instrumentation to incorporate laser illumination [Nature221, 1257-1258 (1969)], the first significant aerosol particle analyzer [Applied Optics27, 217-221 (1988)], the first instrument to identify marine microorganismsin situ[Limnol, Oceanogr.,34(I)96-112 (1989)], and design of the first system for the immediate detection of a bioterrorist attack [J. Homeland SecurityApril(2002)].

A new 'sister Company' Wyatt Aerosol Systems, LLC has recently been created and shall focus on a wide variety of commercial industries  with an entirely new class of analytical instrumentation for aerosol characterization and classification.  These new instruments will be capable of measuring, classifying, and processing aerosol particles up to rates exceeding 50,000 per minute.  Targeted size ranges may be preprogrammed into the system so that only specific size and/or physical property particles may be selected. 

Based on an Open Source software foundation, the new analytical instrumentation will permit user development of specific proprietary software as well as software for free or licensed use.  This will encourage the establishment of the broad range of users expected for the new systems.  Application developers will be supplied source code tools on which basis they may develop their own proprietary or commercial software products.

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