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Every day across N. America, thousands of cars pull into a dealership or shop for service, and in order to protect the interior of a customer’s vehicle, those shops use disposable seat and floor covers.

Approximately 65,000 tons of disposable seat and floor covers from the auto service industry are dumped into North American landfills each year. Added to that, over 130,000 tons of green house gases are emitted into the air we breathe to manufacture these disposable covers. (Approximately 1.86 tons of carbon gas is produced to manufacture 1 ton of polyethylene in an oil/gas fired factory.)

Clearwater Impex Group Inc. a local Canadian company has taken up the challenge to eliminate or at least drastically reduce this environmental waste.

“We’re stepping up to the plate and taking action into our own hands” says Roland Zikmanis, president of the company. “The daily news about climate change shows that this change is happening faster than any previous predictions and now is the time to ‘walk the walk’. All industries can do something (about this problem) and the auto service industry is no exception. We must let the public know about this because over 75% of service customers are unaware that disposables are used in their vehicles while in the shop and we’re sure that if they knew, they’d gladly help in doing something to help reduce this waste.”

Clearwater is rolling out it’s RAW Campaign (Reduce Automotive Waste) to the public and the service industry with the introduction of an economical reusable seat/floor cover to replace disposables that are currently in use.

The program is based on the service customer purchasing the Eco Seat/Floor cover through their dealership, repair shop or Clearwater’s web site, and would be kept at hand in their vehicle. Just as the supermarkets are selling reusable shopping bags to their customers to reduce use of plastic bags, the consumer can help reduce waste and greenhouse gases by buying this economical reusable cover to be used each time they take their car in for service. The great thing about this is that unlike reusable shopping bags, the customer will never forget to have it as long as it’s in the car.

“We hope to have the repair shops asking all their customers coming in for service if they have a reusable cover or the customer asking their service shops if they have reusable covers they could purchase.” adds Zikmanis. “These covers are very economical and will go a long way to reduce greenhouse gases and free up room in our landfills, approximately 1 pound of disposables is eliminated for every 6 uses. A very easy solution to this problem.”

Participating dealerships and shops will be supplied with posters and counter top signs to help make their customers aware of this program.

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