Company Survives Hurricane Katrina with Technologies to Solve


Source: KleanAire Technology, LLC.

Bay St. Louis, MS -- Out of the rubble of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, KleanAire Technology LLC (KAT), a technology company with patent license solutions, is answering today’s most pressing global energy and environmental challenges. This Gulf Coast Company has discovered a cost effective way to overcome national and international initiatives that spend tens of billions of dollars each year to find ways to reduce pollution and provide economical power resources, and the cumulative effect they have on global warming.

Implementation of the KAT industrial pollution control technology will reduce cost for pollution control from $400 billion dollars to less than $80 billion dollars aiding economic growth and a cleaner environment. Another challenge is higher energy demands affecting our economic growth and restrained by tighter air and water quality standards mandated by the 1990 Clean Air Act. KAT has effective, low cost solutions that lowers power consumption and increases power output while also lowering pollution.

The company’s solutions revolve around three breakthrough inventions: one in advanced propulsion and two addressing air quality. KleanAire is focused upon licensing these technologies to manufacturing partners.

In 2001, David Aviña won a U.S. Patent for a continuous dry filtration pollution control system that eliminates fugitive emissions occurring during filter cleaning cycles that reduce the system’s efficiency. This system uses baking soda and other alkaloids to remove harmful pollutants such as acids, heavy metals, carbon dioxide, and particulates now mandated by the Clean Air Act. This new technology can be applied at a cost of $50 million dollars, significantly lower than current wet scrubbing technology which costs anywhere from $175 - $200 million dollars, and exceeds both today’s regulatory standard as well as those required by 2018. This effectively opens the door for domestic “clean energy” in the US by utilizing available coal resources without negatively impacting the U.S. economy while simultaneously improving the environment.

While waiting for governmental and industry acceptances of continuous dry scrubbing technology, KAT narrowed the focus of his investigation from outdoor to indoor environments. To apply this highly effective dry scrubbing technology to indoor environments, a problem had to be solved. This required finding a balance between a quietly operating fan and high pressures vital to effective dry filter systems.

A solution was found while investigating boundary layer propulsion. Discovered in the early 1900’s, boundary layer is an attraction between air and liquid to a solid surface. Presently, the boundary layer is studied as a drag effect on a moving object such as an airplane wing. KAT’s propulsion company KineticAire, uses this drag effect to move air or liquid without turbulence, caused by pitched blades found in blowers, pumps, or turbines. This method produced a quiet, powerful, and energy efficient propulsion system. KineticAire’s Patent Pending discovery of a solid disk boundary layer turbine offers a three fold benefit providing more pressure and flow while using 25% less power than current pitched blade technology.

With a proven ability of removing pollutants, and improved propulsion, KAT formed KlearAire to combine these technologies into an indoor air scrubber. The indoor air scrubber has been tested and found to be effective in removing various chemicals, biological media such as mold, heavy metals, dust, and animal odors within an attractive and quiet cartridge system for use in a home or office.

“Throughout our nation’s history, when faced with difficult problems affecting our nation’s prosperity and health, the vision and determination of American companies have stepped up to offer a better plan. The U.S. Government and large corporations spending billions of dollars seeking cost effective and viable solutions have not succeeded with answers to these problems. A new technology approach was needed to find answers to these monumental challenges and KAT have those answers to these challenges and much more” concludes Aviña.

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