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Complete cable plant delivered to Austria


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Eldan Recycling has delivered a complete cable recycling plant to Austria

The manufacturer of recycling equipment Eldan Recycling is proud to announce the delivery of a complete cable recycling plant to Austria. The recycling equipment was delivered some time ago and is now up and running at full production capacity. This recycling plant processes mixed cables, like hard and fine wire as well as power cable, at approx. 2,5 ton per production hour depending on the type of cable. The order is worth EUR 570,000.

“We have through the experience during the many years we have designed, developed and manufactured different kinds of machines and production lines incorporated the possibility to make tailor made- as well as standard solutions. This order shows our capability to make a mid size cable recycling plant in the middle of Europe with equipment made in Europe”, says Dr. Toni Reftman, Managing Director at Eldan Recycling.

Eldan Recycling is a leading manufacturer of equipment for recycling of e.g. tyres, cables, electronic waste and refrigerators. The track record proves more than 830 complete plants and 7,100 single machines installed in more than 60 countries.

Eldan Recycling A/S
Since 1956 Eldan Recycling has been a leader in the on-going technical development of machinery and methods of making the recycling of for example tyres, cables and WEEE an efficient and profitable business. Eldan Recycling delivers both turnkey systems as well as single machines. The track record proves more than 830 plants and 7,100 single machines delivered all over the world. Eldan Recycling is one of the few companies - delivering equipment to the recycling industry - which has its own production facilities. This enables the information to be communicated quickly and accurately between the different departments, thereby ensuring the quality of the product and the flexibility of the production program. Eldan Recycling offers a complete package of services ranging from design and fabrication to delivery, installation and after-sales service. For more information visit: www.eldan-recycling.com.

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