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Sarasota, FL — Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) continues to expand their industrial product line with the addition of Power Patch and Rapid Patch concrete repair kits for immediate purchase online.

Interstate Products is a preferred source for concrete & patch repair kits, easily applied in-house for pathing and repairing cracks, chips, and pot-holes on floors, spalling concrete, docks and ramps.  The Power Patch epoxy kit provides three ingredients in the convenient mixing bucket: Epoxy parts A and B and the aggregate for added strength and texture. Trowel on and cures in 24 hours for foot traffic and 48 hours for very tough vehicle use, including burdened, steel wheel forklifts. 

The two-part Rapid Patch polyester kit from IPI dries to a usable state in as little as 30 minutes.  It can be applied on a damp surface and in low temperature conditions. 

Both repair kits provide high compressive, tensile, flexural and bond strength and excellent for holes, steps, spalling concrete, cracks, resurfacing 

Non-Epoxy specialty concrete repair & resurfacing products also are available at IPI.  These include Winter All Weather- Low Temperature Patch Kit, Wall & Vertical Overhead Patch Kit and more. Extra Floor or Concrete Bonder is not normally needed with epoxy or non-epoxy products depending on the damage to the existing surface area condition prior to patching. Additional patching and repairing information is located on the Interstate Products web page for concrete surface repairs at

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