`CONSERVATION` Describes New Automatic Water Filters


Source: Orival, Inc.

Englewood, NJ -- ORIVAL, Inc. released four new filters in its ORG-Series at WEFTEC in Dallas, TX. One new 4-inch, two new 6-inch automatic self-cleaning filters and a new 8-inch unit bring the series to eight models designed specifically to conserve rinse water. The vertical design of the ORG Series minimizes the footprint while maximizing screen area to provide efficient solids removal with fewer cleaning cycles.

The ORG Series of automatic self-cleaning filters now comes in sizes from 1½” to 8”. They are built with features to conserve water during the self-cleaning cycle requiring as little as two gallons while still handling flow rates up to 1320 gpm for a single unit. Available interchangeable screens range from 5 to 3000 microns. Applications for the ORG Filters include petro-chemical and industrial uses, removing organic and inorganic solids from cooling water (cooling towers, chillers, HVAC, heat exchangers, etc.), process water, reclaimed water, intake water, wash water, wastewater, effluent, aquaculture, irrigation, descaling, quenching and POE to name a few.

An attribute of all ORIVAL automatic filters is the short 5 – 12 second cleaning cycle that does not interrupt the flow of clean filtered water downstream. The ORG along with the OR, ORE, ORI, ORV and OREP series brings the number of distinct ORIVAL fully automatic self-cleaning screen filters to over 90 models. The ORIVAL line includes automatic filters from 3/4” to 24” for flow rates up to 12,000 gpm. Multiple filters can be installed in parallel on a manifold system for unlimited flow rates. ORIVAL designs and manufactures manifolds and skid mounted filtration systems with pumps, valves, filters and controls all coated inside and out with an oven baked epoxy coating or all stainless steel construction is available. The ORIVAL family of filters is well suited for industrial and municipal water and wastewater applications as well as cooling tower treatment, process water treatment and irrigation for golf courses, agriculture and landscape.

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