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Consumer Product Packager Improves Productivity and Safety After Converting to Eaton’s DCF-800 Mechanically Cleaned Filter


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TINTON FALLS, N.J. -- One of the largest custom packagers of household and personal care products in North America used an Eaton DCF-800 mechanically cleaned filter to significantly reduce downtime, slash operating costs and create a safer working environment at its plant in Toronto, Canada.

The customer was using a large filter press with a dozen 40-micron filter pads to remove contaminants from the plant’s wastewater before it was processed through an ultrafiltration system. Because pads had to be changed twice per day, the system was down for three hours daily. Losing the equivalent of one day’s worth of production per month had become increasingly unacceptable and led the company to look at alternatives like bag filters and manually cleaned cartridge-type filters.

The switch to Eaton’s DCF-800 mechanically cleaned filter greatly reduced downtime, the labor cost of maintaining the filter press, and filter pad replacement cost. Based on labor cost alone, the change to a new filtration system could potentially pay for itself in less than a year.

DCF series filters operate at consistently low differential pressures and are particularly efficient for filtering viscous, abrasive or sticky fluids. The DCF filter consists of a cylindrical stainless steel housing that holds filter media. Fluid enters the element and flows through to the outlet, depositing any contaminants on the inside wall of the element.

A spring-loaded cleaning disc moves up and down, wiping the filter element clean and depositing the contaminants at the bottom of the housing out of the flow path. Because the filter remains in service while being cleaned, DCF filters support high process efficiency.

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