Contenur signs a contract with Bee’ah for the supply of side loading containers

The Contenur Side Loading System: Robust and Effective

Our 2,400 l side loading containers have been on the streets of Sharjah since January.  This is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bee’ah provides the Emirate with a comprehensive service for the collection, treatment and recycling of waste, and it has opted for our side loading containers, manufactured from high density polyethylene. The model chosen by Bee’ah stands out for its robust design and strength.

Bee’ah has consolidated its position as one of the leading suppliers of environmental services in the Middle East. It has a reputation for raising environmental awareness among the public, as well as developing and promoting sustainable policies. Its campaigns are heavily supported by TANDEEF, Sharjah council's solid urban waste division.  

Our containers are the first to be deployed in the country for the selective collection of waste and segregation at the point of origin. The containers supplied are colour-coded, with green being used for general waste and blue for recyclable waste. The same colour is used for the lids and bodies, so the containers have a visually balanced appearance.

All the side loading containers are customised with a white thermal transfer of the Bee’ah logo, reflective strips and a pedal operated lid, making it easy for users to deposit waste.

Contenur has succeeded in developing a product to meet the specific needs of its client while also taking into account the requirements of its users.

In signing this contract, both Contenur and Bee’ah have shown their commitment to safety, innovation and sustainability, coupled with their willingness to help improve the quality of life for the city’s residents.



The CCL-2400 container is made using the high density polyethylene injection process and the most advanced machinery and moulds, as well as recyclable materials that do not harm the environment. Only HDPE is used in its production, with solid colours and stabilised against the effects of UV rays

The injection technique makes it possible to take advantage of the enormous advantages of plastic: stable colours, total resistance against corrosion, smooth surfaces, absorption of impacts occurring during use without any deformities or breaks, etc.

The CCL-2400 model has been specially designed to be used by any standard collection equipment. It possesses the GS product approval certification issued by TÜV Product Service GMBH according to European standards: EN 12574-1 design; EN 12574-2 product testing; and EN 12574-3 safety. This consequently guarantees both the user and the companies entrusted with its operation that the product meets the most demanding specifications with regards to safety, hygiene and mechanical resistance.

The container will remain static on an incline of 20⁰ maximum. The traction force of the container at an incline of 6º is 68 Nw.




UNE EN ISO 9001 Certificate in the design and production process .

UNE EN ISO 14001 Certificate in environmental management

EC marking indicating sound power level in accordance with European Parliament Directive 2000/14/EC.

GS product official approval certificate in accordance with European standard EN-12574-1/2/3


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