Converting municipal solid waste to biomass feedstock



CleanTech Biofuels, Inc., an early stage provider of cellulosic biomass feedstock derived from municipal solid waste (MSW) for renewable energy and bio-based chemical production, has received a US patent for its process and apparatus for converting MSW into cellulosic biomass feedstock, known collectively as the Biomass Recovery Process.

The Biomass Recovery Process is carried out by the angled reaction vessel, which uses steam and pressure to clean and separate MSW into recyclables and lignocellulosic biomass feedstock.

CleanTech has exclusive rights to the Biomass Recovery Process in the United States and Canada. Such technology rights are subject to CleanTech's exclusive licensing agreement with Biomass North America LLC.

'The issuance of this patent strengthens our intellectual property portfolio and puts our Company in a strong position to become a leading feedstock supplier to the renewable energy and bio-based chemical industries.,' said Ed Hennessey, CEO of CleanTech Biofuels, Inc.

'The consolidation of our intellectual property combined with the recently announced pilot project at Fiberight's cellulosic ethanol plant, which we believe will further validate our Biomass Recovery Process,  are significant milestones as we move to bring combined waste-to-energy systems to municipalities, solid waste haulers, and operators of solid waste landfills and transfer stations.'

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