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Coulson Ice Blast Announces Corrosion Coatings ltd. as Trinidad and Tobago Distributor


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Princes Town, Trinidad -- Coulson Ice Blast is partnering with Corrosion Coatings ltd. for the distribution of all Coulson Ice Blast products in Trinidad and Tobago.  Corrosion Coatings ltd. is specialized in the cleaning, inspection, surface preparation and protective coatings industries.  They are heavily involved in the offshore oil industry, providing cleaning, recoating and aerial drone surveillance services on offshore oil rigs, with clients including Shell, BP and the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

As a company, the core objectives of Corrosion Coatings ltd. match closely with those of Coulson Ice Blast: promoting innovative new products that get the job done faster while being safer, cheaper, cleaner and resulting in less waste.  They seek out new technologies from around the world that align with this vision and bring them to the Trinidad and Tobago market.

Corrosion Coatings ltd. pride themselves on their analyses of overall cost, time and effectiveness when looking at which process and technology is right for which job, generating detailed comparison reports for clients.  In the past they have used both ultra-high pressure water and dry ice for pipe, corrosion and petrochemical cleaning.  Their excitement in taking on the Coulson Ice Blast torch in the region of Trinidad and Tobago thus says a lot about the effectiveness and gain in media cost savings, reduced waste and ease of containment that blasting with crushed ice cubes offers.

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