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COVID-19 Disinfecting Service

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Dear customers, 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we're ready to provide our professional COVID-19 disinfection services.

As you may know, the United States along with many other countries responded to the coronavirus outbreak by enforcing a lockdown to break the chain of infection and reduce its spread to avoid overwhelming health services. However, if you have a vital service or business that has to keep functioning, it’s essential to take every precaution to protect the people who use your premises, including your employees, visitors and members of the public. 

Using a high-effective sporicidal fogging solution our special-trained technicians quickly disinfect surfaces and objects that people frequently touch. They will go through the contaminated rooms and areas systematically cleaning all the key surfaces and touchpoints. Please also note that we use only EPA-registered disinfectants.

The full list of disinfecting services we offer:

  • Sporicidal fogging and disinfecting of exposed surfaces in the home or office.
  • Wipeout services for detailed disinfecting of extremely high-touch areas, like employee workstations.
  • Sporicidal fogging and disinfecting for air ducts.

Residential Disinfection Services

Our COVID-19 remediation specialists will offer a personalized quote, based on the size of the home and what work is required. We can offer exactly the services needed, tailored for your property.

Our service is ideal for homes of all sizes, from studio apartments to single-family homes. Not only can we easily handle your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and family room, but we can use our fogging method on your air ducts as well. No need to worry that microbes are waiting in the HVAC system, as we use the same safe and effective EPA-registered products as we do in the rest of the home.

Commercial Disinfecting Services

We understand that there are still businesses that need to stay open, and the employees can't do their jobs remotely from home. There are many offices and stores that have been closed and need virus cleaning before they can reopen and get back to work. Our commercial disinfecting service is adjusted to what your business needs, whether it is fogging parts of a warehouse or wipe out for dozens of computer desks. We'll help you make sure that your work environment is as safe as possible.

FDPMoldRemediation is here for you, throughout the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey, in your fight against the pandemic that is affecting the whole world.

Disinfecting surfaces is a very important part of stopping the spread of the virus. Let's stop the disease together. Call us 877-421-2614 today.

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