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CPI and Air Pollution: Important message for every operator with a clean air permit

This is a very important message to every operator with a clean air permit. Whether you have air pollution control installed now, or if you are teetering on triggers that may require one in the future.

EPA has been instituting new levels of enforcement even in absence of new official standards.  They are doing this under the guise of Environmental Research and calling it Community Air Monitoring.  Basically EPA is engaging and training the public to identify suspect emitters.  Here is a link to the “research” page.  on this page you can find topics like:

  • Now available: Community Air Monitoring Training videos - EPA hosted a training workshop to share tools and best practices for successful air monitoring projects with community groups and individuals interested in citizen science
  • View the videos:  Community Air Monitoring Training web page
  • Enhanced method released for exploring air quality and emission impacts  - The Emissions Scenario Projection (ESP) method translates assumptions about the future of energy production into emissions that can be used within an air quality model

What this means for you –

  1. If you have air pollution control equipment now, you have an obligation to insure it is operating correctly and at top performance.  CPI can help with this by conducting a performance assessments or even making necessary repairs and efficiency updates.
  2. If you have emissions and your APC is in tip-top condition – make sure all fugitive emission points are leak free and other housekeeping plans of action are implemented to keep the “Citizen EPA” from wreaking havoc on your operations. 
  3. If you are have a permit and you are under emissions trigger points that allow operations without end-of-pipe control equipment, follow the same rules above to make sure you don’t call un-wanted attention.  Good planning now will help minimize your risk to negative attention. 

Catalytic Products International remains ever vigilant to new EPA related standards, regulations, and now new methods of enforcement.  With almost 50 years of experience and the most complete line of air pollution control solutions to call on, we are the trusted partner to solving the most challenging air pollution control problems.

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