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Creating a Weighing Oasis: New White Paper Helps Solve the Problems of Accuracy and Speed


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Weighing accuracy is critical, but so is productivity. Help promote them both by downloading the free white paper “Weighing Under Harsh Conditions” from METTLER TOLEDO.

Weighing is a common lab activity. Accuracy is a must. However, factors such as temperature variations and air drafts can affect balance accuracy, causing issues such as waste and rework. In highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, the effects of these factors on weighing can even be dangerous.

But in a busy lab or on a production floor, is it possible to guarantee a calm environment to ensure accurate weighing? The next installment in METTLER TOLEDO’s free year-long “e-calendar” series entitled “Weighing Under Harsh Conditions” shows how certain precautions can help ensure that even a gust of wind won’t affect results.

Both balance precision and settling speed are closely tied to balance placement. “Weighing Under Harsh Conditions” gives recommendations for fixes that can be made immediately that will help avoid vibrations, air current, and temperature shifts in the weighing process to enhance balance accuracy, settling speed, and repeatability.

The white paper also details the impact of air flow on the weighing process, exploring how recent weighing pan design innovations help minimize draft-related errors while delivering results up to twice as fast.

Future installments of the 2016 eCalendar will highlight a range of important issues such as hygiene and data flow to help users optimize performance in the lab.

Register for access to the white paper, a checklist to review ergonomics in the lab, and additional resources to help improve weighing experience here.

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