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Cremation pollution slur totally unfounded

Human cremation process is assured to be environmentally sound

The cremation of bodies after death has been a part of human culture for untold thousands of years and in the UK the modern human cremation process could be said to have its origins in 1885 when Britain’s first official cremation took place in Woking.  Occasionally, over recent years, new and what are claimed to be innovative body disposal solutions have been suggested and recently a number of national newspapers carried articles describing the process of cryomation in which bodies are deep frozen before being pulverised into powder.  A major benefit of cryomation, so the articles claimed, was that it avoided the release of harmful emissions and pollutants associated with the human cremation process.

Quite frankly that claim is utterly inaccurate!

As one of the world’s leading human cremation technology specialists we can categorically confirm that our Novus human cremation systems are among one of the most rigorously regulated processes there are.  In addition to being extremely energy efficient, fuel efficient and operationally cost effective, Novus cremation systems are also certified to comply with the highest, most stringent environmental standards.

These are internationally agreed and vigorously enforced standards guaranteeing that practically all traces of toxic emissions and contaminating exhaust gases are eliminated and that any environmental impact is reduced as far as is technically possible.

At the core of our human cremation process technology is the advanced flue gas treatment system centered around an ultra efficient dry flue gas abatement plant.  This science-based safeguard includes a combination of long-lasting, minimal waste, high-efficiency filters, activated carbon and neutralising acid components that are designed to render gases and other byproducts produced by the human cremation process to be perfectly safe and environmentally harmless.

It is a fully proven and internationally approved abatement process that effectively neutralises all the acid components, adsorbs heavy metals for future recovery and recycling, captures dioxides, filters any spent dust and flue chemicals … with the result that the exhaust emission is one hundred per cent environmentally acceptable and is confirmed in every respect to be perfectly legal.

The reality with many of these technological advancements is that they boast of being ‘green’, but it is often the case that the true environmental impact is somewhat hidden behind the marketing when compared to that of existing technology.  So whether this new ‘freeze-dried’ technology will catch on, well only time will tell, but already critics have labeled the process ‘grotesque and undignified’.  

At Matthews our unrivalled experience and expertise means that our internationally acclaimed human cremation technology has become the automatic choice for local authorities, national organisations and private crematoria throughout the UK, Europe, America and around the world.

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