Croplife America considers Nanotechnology at 2011 spring conference


Source: Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

At the April 7-8, 2011, CropLife America and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) Spring Conference in Washington, D.C., the future of nanotechnology and its applications in the agricultural sector was the subject of a panel discussion. As an enabling technology, nanotechnology has vast potential to revolutionize agriculture and food systems. Two key applications of nanotechnology are particularly relevant: sensing technology designed to alert growers and others in the agricultural community to soil, moisture, nutrient, pathogen, and related conditions pertinent to growing crops, and nano-enabled technologies intended to enhance performance by improving the delivery of nutrients and agricultural chemicals thereby diminishing the volume of these materials introduced into the environment.

The presenters at this session offered a variety of diverse perspectives on applications of nanotechnology in the agriculture sector. Their presentations outlined the scientific and technological advances in this area, demonstrated how these applications are benefiting the agricultural sector and the environment, and summarized the challenges innovators, growers, and other stakeholders in the agricultural community face. Presenters included: Gary Burin (Technology Sciences Group Inc.), Moderator; Lynn L. Bergeson (Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.); and William Jordan (EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs).

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