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CSR may lead to review of water treatment methods


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As environmental pressures grow on companies and organisations and as environmental care and compliance is now often a main Board Director's responsibility so water treatment methods will come increasingly under scrutiny.

Most water treatment methods involve the discharge into waterways drains and rivers of chemicals .. either Sodium Chloride ( salt) as a function of water softening backwashing or phosphates/polyphosphates from chemical scale preventionthe phosphates themselves often mined in a most destrutive way from deposits in the South Pacific. For example Wilkipedia describes that the centre of the island of Nauru is now damaged as follows 'Phosphate mining in the central plateau has left a barren terrain of jagged limestone pinnacles up to 15 meters (49 ft.) high. A century of mining has stripped and devastated about 80% of the land area. Mining has also impacted the surrounding Exclusive Economic Zone, with 40% of marine life estimated to have been killed by silt and phosphate runoff.

Non-Chemical methods look like they might be be the only way forward soon. This liklihood is emphasised by the recent legislation passed by the California legislature allowing salt based water softeners to be removed from homes if in the opinion of the authorities Chloride levels in waterways rise too high.

Fluid Dynamics International is the market leader for non-chemical solutions to the problems of hard water scaling. Organisations such as Unilever, Kellogs,The US Navy, and Cambridge University are just some of the many users of Fluid Dynamics technology. Established in 1973 With over 250,000 installations in 40 countries the simple to install Fluid Dynamics products are truly green using no electricity, requiring no maintenance and being capable of fully recycled when no longer required they also come with a 10 year guarantee.

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