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CTSpec launches Sewer Player


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Montreal -- CTSpec, Canada’s leader in underground infrastructure inspection,is pleased to announce the launch of Sewer Player, a free, 100% Quebec-developed app that helps users more easily access, manage, and organize CCTV sewer inspection data.

“Sewer player will make the underground infrastructure business more accessible than ever before,” said CTSpec president and CEO Alain Lortie. “Municipalities, engineers, and contractors can use it to manage their sewer inspection data much more efficiently.” Sewer Player is the first free reader to bring all inspection data compliant with the PACP North American standard together in a single app, substantially reducing time spent processing, verifying, and consolidating multiple databases.

Sewer Player users enjoy instant access to information on sewer system conditions, including inspection photos and video footage. Every time a database is opened Sewer Player checks whether the structure is compliant with PACP standards. It accesses pipe status data and automatically displays detailed error reports when applicable. And Sewer Player merges multiple databases, making viewing and managing data much easier.

Users can now download Sewer Player from the CTSpec website and use their customer support—both totally free of charge—giving them the power to more effectively interpret sewer inspection data and draw up reports.

About CTSpec
Founded in 1997, CTSpec is located in the Greater Montreal Area, in Canada. CTSpec develops state-of-the-art applications for sewer systems and other underground infrastructures. The company currently offers two solutions. Sewer Player is the first free app in North America for presenting CCTV inspection data, while CTSpec Sewer, the company’s flagship product, is a comprehensive sewer infrastructure management system. Find out more at www.ctspec.com.

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